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Carmen Gemini
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Tags: Czech,    Redhead,    European,    Busty,    Beauty,    High Heels,    Shaved,    White,    Long Hair,    Stripper   
Comments: 24  
Brad2017.12.14 02:36
Take your cloths off
AL2017.03.11 18:13
would like to lick her wet pussy dry
fuck me hard cum get some2016.03.05 06:30
love to fuck u and the cum in side that wet pussy over and over all night i will make u cum also all night long and any others girls could join
Liam 2015.01.17 02:07
very hot does hse do a video strip? That would be amazing
nelson2014.06.22 22:47
quiero berte desnuda
alex2014.06.06 13:04
i want to sex
rahul 2014.03.11 12:59
so sexy
Bubba2014.02.12 22:22
hot hot hot
Cunt2013.11.21 18:28
gorgeous cunt
horny2013.11.15 19:10
you have a beautiful body, i'd like to pleasure you all over, no matter how long it takes. :) :)>
STEVE2013.10.25 20:16
i agree with laura, i'd like to have my tongue in her pussy as well. maybe the three of us could get together for a nice tongue session.....just don't mind if my cock finds a hole or two to slide in. :) :)
rajkumar2013.10.14 14:20
i want 2 fuck
Laura2013.09.22 08:09
I would love to have her tongue in my pussy and mine in hers!!!! So wet right now...
2 big 2 look at2013.08.23 00:25
please get into my bed you r 1 of kind
horny2013.08.08 22:11
you are so adorable. wish we could get together and make a naked pretzel. i'd like to see how many orgasms i could give you. :)
horny2013.07.16 19:05
she is beatuiful, definitely a 10+. i could lick that pussy for hours. :)
HARD2013.06.20 22:07
she is very beautiful. i would like to fuck her hard and often.
lowe2013.03.18 00:54
i will defeat any that confront me
hm2012.11.07 07:33
i want 2 fuck
Jasion2012.09.08 11:22
Carlos2012.09.05 21:43
Hey Pier, you're a hardcore strip-fan as well :)
Pier2012.09.04 20:56
I agree with Carlos!
Joyce2012.09.04 19:54
Especially when strippers look like Carmen...Yummy
Carlos2012.09.04 19:53
Somehow I think if there would be more strippers the world would be a beter place
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